Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lawatan ♥ ♥

SO , yesterday i went for a trip with my friends that sign up for the trip and we go to The Ostrich Farm , Mc'd to have a lunch , Beryl's Chocolate Factory and Hi5 Bread Factory ... We went to the Ostrich Farm first and i kindaa hate that place because it is very smelly place -,-' but i enjoyed taking pictures with the ostrich ... I really wanna upload the pictures but it is in my bro's laptop .. But i really have fun , i really want to ride the pony but seeing my friend fell from the pony i was like , NVM .. I bought something for my sister that only cost RM5 .. It's an ostrich pen .. And i also bought it for me too .

Then we went to Mc'd to have some lunch .. And we eat Mc'chicken burger , some medium fries , a medium coke and i bought 3 apple pies for my friends and me :)

Then we went to Beryl's chocolate Factory and i don't take any pictures of it , because cant T.T . I mean what we came there for , of course included want to keep it as a memory .. Then we went and we watch some videos .. And i buy someting for my mom , sister , and mee ..

Then we went to Hi5 bread factory . We watch some videos and it was very hot in there .. URGHH !! And then i buy some ice lemon tea because i'm so thirsty and i figure out something to drink .. Then we went out the factory and we got some goodie bags ..

And then we headed to school and it sure was an interesting trip .. And hole lot of fun ..
It was worthed that we pay for RM65 :)

P/s : Sorry for the English error :)