Saturday, January 16, 2010

Future school ;D

Hey peeps , aku tgh cri boarding school or private or high school for next year :) as everyone know I'm know studying at SK Raja Muda but I have problems about their students , I've follow my friends thoughts , so , if I don't get 5A's this mid year test I will be sending to SKS 18 , so , I don't want that to happen , so i get to study n study , if I will be sending to SKS 18 my High school will be SMKS 18 , If I stay at SK Raja Muda , high school will be SSAAS , my mother planning to move to Ampang , If i got 5A's and i will be sending to boarding school -.- and if I don't get 5A's I will be schooling at private school . This is the list school I wanted to ...

Boarding School -.-

  • Tunku Kurshiah College .
  • Sekolah Seri Puteri .
Private -,-
  • Dunno :p
So , give me some ideas ;) I'm Waiting :)