Monday, October 18, 2010

Dream , I hope it will come true :)

Yesterday night , I just dreams about my family wins this one competition and we won about Rm1 billion , so we were very excited , we pack our bag and decided to go on a family vacation , New York . My mom prepare another Rm1 million ..It was , well awesome .

So , the flight went to stop and stop and stop at some countries and we arrived at new york the next 5 days ...

We arrived there and we quickly got a motel , and it was certainly freezing out there .. Then , the next morning , my mom and me and my sister went for shopping to Jimmy Choo , Juicy Couture , and all the local shops , and we shop shop shop shop shop :)

We were supposed to be at new york for 7 days , BUT MY BIBIK WAKE ME UP AT THE 5TH DAY .. :(

And then i realiza , oh , it's just a dream , BUT I REALLY WANTED TO GO THERE , I HOPE THIS DREAM CAME TRUE